Detect | Intrude | Secure: The Safer Internet Project

Whether you're a student, graduate or someone looking to test their skills, we offer tangible and authentic experience in the cyber security industry through penetration testing projects on real businesses systems.

We will guide and mentor you through what a penetration test looks like, how to write professional vulnerability reports and help you to gain various soft skills in a collaborative space with other members from around the globe.

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Real Businesses Real & Engagements Real Experience

The Safer Internet Project was born out of a problem in the cyber security industry where people who were applying for work do not meet the minimum required experience to gain an interview. What we aim to achieve is to give you the learning resources, knowledge and experience that can be proven on a resume to apply for jobs with confidence.

Cybersecurity Learning Modules

Our learning modules are designed to give you the knowledge required to detect, defend and attack IT systems.

Live Pentest Sessions

We hold two live pentest sessions every week on real business systems, where you can join and participate on the engagement.

SIP Security Operations Center

Our "SIP SOC" systems monitors each of our SIP Lab CTF challenges to help emulate a blue team environment. Learn to defend the systems being attacked!

Guest Speakers & Mental Health

Each week a guest speaker from within the industry presents new tools and challenges they have overcome while at work, as well a fortnightly mental health presentation to discuss mental health at work.

About What We Do & Who We Are

These are the amazing people that make us unique and stand-out amongst the competition. With over 20 years combined IT and Cyber Security experience, we are a team of focused and talented individuals.

David Lee

Co-Founder & Director

Collin Orner

Junior Penetration Tester

The below regular guest speakers help to promote various tools, techniques and industry trends as well as to promote an understanding of mental health in the workplace.

Angelina Fu

Mental Health Professional

Joel Aviad Ossi

Cybersecurity Professional

The Safer Internet Project Events

We hold live pentesting sessions each week, as well as guest speaker sessions, freelancing workshops and mental health workshops for our members to enjoy. See the calendar below for a live list of our events and when they are scheduled

One Simple Membership To Rule Them All!

By becoming a member at the Safer Internet Project, you will learn exactly how to perform a penetration test and write a vulnerability report that meets industry standards while also gaining crucial industry knowledge. As a member of the Safer Internet Project, you will be performing real world penetration tests on business systems from all around the world. Membership includes access to the weekly live pentest sessions, guest speaker presentations, mental health workshop presentations and the learning modules. All sessions are recorded and available for later viewing, however we do encourage members to join the live sessions.

$35 USD Monthly

SIP Membership

  • Become a member of the Safer Internet Project and learn exactly how to;
  • - Perform a professional penetration tests
  • - Write vulnerability assessment reports
  • - Gain crucial industry knowledge from peers
  • all while performing real world penetration tests on business systems from around the world.

Can You HACK These Sites?

The Safer Internet Project believes in affordable education for all, and as part of this mission, we have hosted the below simulation labs for you to hack into. Each lab has it's own SOC monitoring agent installed for our members to learn how SOC alerts work, how to mitigate those risks and how to operate a SIEM. All we ask of you, is to try and break into each machine to complete the objective!

Please Note! This is a beta program and availability of these machines is sometimes intermittent. If you're having issues with loading the machines, please join our discord server and let a staff member know.



  • dclee is a CTF lab that emulates an under construction website riddled with vulnerabilities. Submit your flags to the discord server!

High Energy Digital

  • (under construction) High Energy Digital is a CTF lab that emulates a digital agency. The objective of this lab is to gain access to the company files located on a fileserver. Start with their web app, and work your way towards admin accessing the file server!

Perfect Monday

  • (under construction) Perfect Monday is a CTF lab that emulates a web app with a very strangely configured back end. What lies behind the website? Only you can find out. Submit your flag results to the SIP Discord server!